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10 Foods You’ll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made?

There are so many foods that we love and just cannot resist. We never even think of knowing how they are made and how does it matter many of you may say. Well, very soon you will realize it does matter, and in fact, these will become the 10 foods you will never touch again knowing this. After knowing what is probably the question now running in your mind, so, continue reading and discover your answer.

10     Canned Mushroom

While cooking dinner canned mushroom is one of the ingredients that most people use, but do you know, as specified by the FDA, these canned mushrooms can contain 20 maggots or more, and that is legal. Yes, those maggots that you see growing in your rotting meat are present in your canned mushrooms as well.

9    Mountain Dew

How many of you love to quench your thirst with a can of Mountain Dew? This one is for you. This drink contains a whole lot of chemical and the citrus flavour that you enjoy is created using the chemical known as BVO (brominated vegetable oil). Do you know where else is this chemical used? In a flame retardant and other sodas like Fanta Orange, Squirt, Fresca Orginal Citrus, and so on.

8   Coffee Creamer

Non-dairy liquid creamers look like a cream but are made of oil. The amazing velvety feel that you enjoy is the result of emulsifiers and thickening agents like carrageenan, something that is known to cause digestive problems and inflammation. Powdered creamers are even flammable, and that makes them so, so weird.

Chicken Nuggets

No, chicken nuggets are not made using pink slime. The meat that is used to make them is ground chicken breast but that is just half of the nuggets, the rest is made with the help of ground chicken bone, connective tissue, blood vessels, and also fat. Do you find this appealing?

6   Salad Dressing

Eating lettuce and other leaves is healthy but not delicious, not alone at least. This is the reason why salad dressings are so popular and find a place in almost every kitchen. But, what you need to know is that most such dressings get their nice white hue from titanium dioxide. Heard of titanium dioxide earlier? Well, it is also present in your sunscreen, and eating too much of it may result in stomach cancer.


People think cheese is vegetarian but that is not true always. Most of them have a compound known as rennet which is present in the stomach of nursing calves. Maximum rennet used today is genetically engineered by inserting DNA of cows into some yeasts, fungi, and bacteria.

4   Shredded Cheese

Using shredded cheese is so convenient, but once you know how it is made you would rather prefer shredding them at home. Bagged shredded cheese contains wood pulp and in a good amount. This is to help make sure cheese does not clump back while shipping.

2    Marshmallows and Jello

Marshmallows and jello are made using gelatin and sugar. Gelatin looks like some translucent powder but you will be surprised knowing that it is made by boiling down pig and cow bones, hooves, and skin.

1   Beer

A glass of beer is a good thing to end your day with and also is your number one choice when chit-chatting with friends. There are different textures and types of beer but the amber see-through ones look amazing. However, its fermentation process is gross and to add to it, it also has an ingredient known as isinglass which gives beer its bright and clear texture. This ingredient is derived from the dried fish bladder. Sound disgusting right?

To Conclude 

Some of the items on this list may have been your favourite. But now that you know what they are made of, you surely will think twice, and perhaps not even think of having them ever again. This surely is a weird world and weird are its creations.


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