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11 signs you might have heart disease | signs of a heart attack?

In many movies they show a person having a heart attack is clutching their chest and then they collapse on the ground. Yes, pain can be on the biggest signs of a heart attack, but it is not necessarily the case always. In fact, one-third of people who have experienced heart attack felt no pain at all. To help you understand when it really is a cause to worry we shall now share with you 11 signs you are about to have a heart attack.

11  Discomfort in the chest

Chest discomfort is one of the commonest signs that signify the probability of a blocked artery. You can feel the discomfort as pressure or tightness in your chest, pain, or even burning or pinching feeling. This can last for at least a few minutes.

10  Pain moving to the arm

Burning pain in the arm is yet another sign one may experience particularly on the left side. In case of a heart attack, the pain will begin in the chest and then move outward.

9  Gastric issues

At times, gastric problems like heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea can signify a heart attack. More than men, women report such symptoms. The stomachache that you are having may not be a reason to worry at all, but if it happens along with the other symptoms in this list then probabilities of a heart attack are there.

8  Jaw or throat pain

Every pain in the jaw or throat may not have something to do with your heart. It can be because of cold or muscular issues. However, if the pressure or pain is at your chest’s centre and then spreads to your throat and jaw then it may be a heart attack.

7  Lightheadedness or dizziness

Fainting, or losing balance and falling, are signs that should not be ignored. If you feel unsteady, it can show your heart is not being able to pump blood properly and thus your blood pressure has dropped.

6   Snoring

Snoring certainly annoys anyone who has to bear it. Though it is a very common issue, if the snoring is such that it feels the person is choking or gasping then it can be because of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is very bad for your heart and must be reported to a doctor.

5  Fatigue or exhaustion

Feeling fatigued or tired almost always can be a warning sign. If you find it difficult to do those things you easily did earlier, then it can be a cause of worry and you should consult your doctor without a wait.

4   Stubborn cough

If you have been coughing continuously it may not be a reason to worry and just a severe cold. However, if it is stubborn, and creates pink or white mucous then it may signify heart failure. This happens usually if the heart is not being able to meet the demands of the body and blood thus moves into the lungs.

3  Irregular heartbeats

If you are not excited or nervous but your heartbeats are increasing, then you need to be cautious. It may not necessarily be a problem but just because of sleep deprivation or caffeine. Nonetheless, it is better to protect yourself against risks, so consult your doctor without a wait.

2  Swollen ankles, feet, and legs

This may show your heart is not being able to pump blood as well as it earlier did. The blood thus stays back in your veins, and the result is bloating.

1  Sweating

If you are experiencing a cold sweat and that too suddenly, without any reason, then this can be a cause to worry, more so if it is happening with the other symptoms mentioned here. It may signify the chances of a heart attack.

To Conclude

If you or anyone you know experiences such symptoms it will be best to visit a doctor without delay. It may not necessarily be a heart attack but some other minor problem. However, it is wise to be safe than sorry. If it indeed is an impending heart attack your doctor will be able to start timely treatment, and if it is not, then you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind.



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