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15 Foods That Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk According to Doctors?

Preservation of the heart and blood vessels is a precondition for long and healthy life. Having that in mind our article will present you with the ways of how to preserve your heart, blood vessels, and all the other organs by using these 15 types of food. Our goal is to concentrate on food that is easily affordable to everyone, and here is our list of 15 Superfoods That Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks:

15   Low-fat yogurt


Dairy products like yogurt showed beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. They are rich in calcium, the element that can help you lower your blood pressure. Low-fat yogurt contains low level of saturated fats that can rise your bad cholesterol level that is dangerous for your health

14  Tomato

Tomato is a fruit rich in lycopene which is an antioxidant that significantly decrease the chances of having a heart attack. Some studies have shown that high level of lycopene in the body lowers the chances of a heart attack for even 50%!

13   Leguminous vegetables

Leguminous vegetables, like beans or lentils abound with soluble fibers that have strong effect of lowering the level of so-called ‘bad cholesterol’ that is very unfavourable for our cardiovascular system.

12     Salmon

Salmon is a fish that is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids which have a strong anticoagulant effect – they prevent the coagulation and enhance the circulation of blood among blood vessels. They also lower the level of triglycerides in blood.

11     Carrot

Carrot is a vegetable that abound in karetonoids, which means that it is one of the food with the strongest cardioprotective effect. Studies have shown that consummating 1 portion of carrots in a day can lower a rick from heart attack for even 60%!

10   Broccoli

The main advantage of broccoli that makes it a superfood is a fact it is very rich in sulforaphane – a compound that can activate Nrf2 -a protective protein that is usually inactive in the arteries prone to clogging.

9   Celery

In the Chinese medicine celery has been used as a medicine for high blood pressure for centuries. In the last few years, western medicine has began to see the benefits of this vegetable as well. In a study where celery was given to mice, their blood pressure was 10% lower after the consummation. It is also rich in calcium leads to the lowering of blood pressure, as well.

8   Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seed abounds with phytosterol which helps in lowering the level of “bad cholesterole”. It may be confusing since they are very caloric and rich in fats, but you should not give up on them that easy. If you continue to eat smaller amount of them, everything will be fine.

7   Sesame seed

With more than 400mg of phytosterole per 100 gr, sesame seed contains more phytosterol that any other seeds. We already mentioned the benefits of consummating phytosterole and that is why you should include sesame seed in your diet as fast as you can.

6    Nuts

Consummating a small amount of nuts in a week can leave significant benefits on your heart and blood vessels. Around 140g of nuts can lower the risk of heart diseases for even 50%!

5    Dark chocolate

We have pieces of good news for sweet-toothed persons out there. Studies have been shown that consumating a small amount of dark chocolate can lower the level of “bad cholesterole” for even 10%!

It should not be that surprising knowing that dark chocolate contains flavonoids similar to those found in green tea and red wine, which is one of the food richest in antioxidants.

4    Blueberry

Because of the high concentration of anthocyanin, consummation of blueberries helps in the deposition of free radicals.They also participate in fixing “damaged” proteins in the blood vessels and helps in preservation of health.

3   Red grapes

This fruit abounds in resveratrols, substances that prevents agglutination of platelets. That is why red wine is advisible for both men and women – 1 glass of wine for women, and two for men. Being reasonable in the consummation of red wine can have many positive effects.

2    Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used in folk medicine for centuries, and not without a reason. Studies show that it has beneficial effects on cardiovascular system, lowering of the level of cholesterole and blood pressure.

1    Green tea

Consummation of green tea lead to lowering of blood pressure and of the concentration of ‘bad cholesterole’ in blood. Polyphenol, a compund found in green tea, lowers the absorption of cholesterole in guts and successfully accelerates the excretion of cholesterole from the body.






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