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According to modern research, white sugar is undoubtedly a sweet poison?

In our sweet dishes, white sugar is usually added for sweetness, which is not beneficial for health at all. According to modern research, white sugar is undoubtedly a sweet poison. That is why in many countries white sugar is now replaced by sweeteners such as jaggery, brown sugar and honey. But did you know that sugar is also made from a plant called stevia, which is definitely not harmful to health.

According to modern research, white sugar is undoubtedly a sweet poison
According to modern research, white sugar is undoubtedly a sweet poison

The leaves of this plant are broken and dried before flowering. Then they are ground and stored in the form of powder. This powder is 300 times more than ordinary white sugar

Sweet and surprisingly low in starch (carbohydrates) and calories.

According to a study, the amount of calories in ordinary white sugar is very high, while the amount of stevia leaves is very low.

It also contains minerals, proteins and various vitamins. White sugar is made from sugarcane, sugar, etc. after undergoing a chemical process, while stevia leaves are rich in natural sweetness.
Health experts say stevia leaves are the best and safest alternative to white sugar. Its leaves protect against diabetes, high blood pressure, dental and gastrointestinal problems as well as many other diseases.

Stevia leaves are antiseptic, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.
Paraguay is the only country in the world where Chinese have been used as stevia leaves for centuries, while in Brazil, Korea, Japan, China and some parts of South America. Is. The use of stevia leaves was banned in the United States in 1990, but after continuous research, in 2008 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally allowed the use of these leaves.

That is why in many countries, including the United States, stevia leaf powder is now being used in everyday items such as beverages, chocolate, chewing gum and bakery products. The salient features of these leaves are that they are completely harmless compared to white sugar and are many times sweeter, resulting in lower production costs.
Stevia cultivation in Pakistan was started in 2003.

Research is underway on these addresses from various angles, including the Ayub Agricultural Farm under the auspices of the Faisalabad Agricultural University, but unfortunately no government has yet come up with a concrete solution to the importance and usefulness of stevia leaves. Couldn’t take action. It would be good if the current government pays full attention to making healthy sugar from stevia leaves, so that people can drink sugar without any side effects by adding it to sweet dishes, drinks, tea and coffee.


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