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Eggs are a healthy and useful food?

Choosing a healthy and quality diet is very important for living a healthy lifestyle. Most of us just start to follow the view that choosing a healthy diet is the right thing to do. However, moderate consumption of food, even if it is healthy, is essential. When it comes to eggs, there is no doubt that eggs are a healthy and useful food, but the use of eggs in moderation can also be harmful to human health.

Eggs are a healthy and useful food
Eggs are a healthy and useful food

A new study has shown that over-consumption of eggs twice a day can increase the risk of heart disease.
The study, conducted in the United States, involved more than 30,000 people who used more than one egg in their daily diet compared to the general population.

As a result, they are more likely to have heart disease than the general population.

“We need to minimize the amount of cholesterol found in eggs and processed foods or beef,” said researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois. Excessive storage of this cholesterol is extremely harmful to our health. ”
A study published in the journal JAMA found that people who ate three to four eggs a week had a 6% increased risk of developing heart disease, while those with an 8% higher mortality rate.

Daily intake of 300 mg of dietary fiber is also one of the reasons for the increase in heart disease and mortality.
Dr. Norrina Allen from Northwestern University said that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to control bad cholesterol. According to a study, cholesterol is found in eggs, especially their yolks.
Therefore, it is important to stop eating foods that are high in cholesterol, while those who use them carefully are protected from the risk of heart disease.

The link between eggs and heart disease has been the subject of much scientific research so far. There have been several studies in the past which have shown that the amount of eggs has nothing to do with heart disease. However, according to Victoria Taylor, a senior nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation, more research is needed to understand this relationship. “Eating a healthy diet alone is not enough,” he added.

It is also important to balance its use. If one food is consumed too much, there will be no room for other useful foods in our diet. ”
“Eggs are a nutritious food. In these studies, where emphasis is being placed on their proper quantity, it is also important to shed light on how they are being prepared.

For example, using a half-boiled egg with cereal toast is a more nutritious and appropriate choice than a traditional fried egg. ”
“People’s eating habits keep changing, which is why it’s not right to form a final opinion based on a single event,” he added. More research is needed on the relationship between eggs and cholesterol.

Tam Sanders, a professor at King’s College London, said: “The average cholesterol consumption in the United States is 600 milligrams per day, much higher than in the United Kingdom, which is about 225 milligrams per day. use the. It is advisable to use 3 to 4 eggs a week, which is the current UK dietary guideline. There have been six studies on the subject for about 17.5 years, in which 29,615 Americans participated.


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