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Hemorrhoids and its treatment?

Hemorrhoids are actually tumors of the blood vessels in the anus (ANUS), which are caused by the constant blood pressure on them, especially when the pressure is on the blood vessels in the abdomen and lower body. Some veins may swell and become warts due to intolerance to this pressure.

There are three types of hemorrhoids in terms of warts: internal, middle and third. Internal hemorrhoids are deeply inward and cannot be seen or felt under normal conditions. They do not cause much pain or discomfort. The same condition occurs in external hemorrhoids, but in this case the warts continue to bleed.

Hemorrhoids and its treatment
Hemorrhoids and its treatment

Medium hemorrhoids are more prone to pain, inflammation and bleeding.

There is a risk of infection due to sitting on external hemorrhoids, riding or rubbing rubbish. If the infection occurs, the inflammation will increase and the pain will increase and it will be difficult for the warts to get inside. Bleeding hemorrhoids can cause hemorrhoids, and warts that do not bleed can cause hemorrhoids.

The disease is usually unhealthy in people who eat spicy foods and are addicted to foods high in fat and carbohydrates, especially flour. They eat more meat and vegetables. They are not included in the diet and even if they are in very small amounts. One of the main causes of hemorrhoids is constipation.
Because constipation puts constant pressure on the blood vessels in the anus, the blood vessels become obstructed, causing the veins to swell and become warts.

Then in case of constipation hard and dry waste is excreted. Its friction and scratching opens the mouths of blood veins and wounds start forming and blood starts discharging, which later takes the form of warts. Insects, especially THREAD WORMS, also play a role in causing the disease.
Because they live in the lower part of the intestine and start laying eggs in the anus at night and bite, which causes severe discomfort and itching in the anus.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by biting and scratching the patient’s anus and there is a risk of hemorrhoids due to permanent scratching. Sometimes hemorrhoids also occur after being injured, injured or not treated.
Hemorrhoids are not only caused by constipation, but also by the presence of convulsions for long periods of time, especially when high-dose medications are taken for long periods of time or the convulsions release secretions that cause irritation. Create scratches.

Hemorrhoids can also occur as a result of liver disease, especially when liver function slows down and the associated blood vessels slow down and blood begins to accumulate.
People who drink alcohol also get hemorrhoids. Sometimes the disease is more common in members of the same family. The main reason for this is their eating habits and lifestyle.

For example, some families or people in a particular area have a habit of eating spicy spices. Some people eat more fat and meat. Some people are not interested in sports and exercise.
Some classes do not have time to exercise due to business commitments, even the nature of their work is such that they have to sit for a long time and they come to the office and home by private car, due to which they There are no walking opportunities.

Sometimes the disease is inherited from parents to children. It has often been observed that women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. As the baby grows in the womb, the uterine pressure builds up in the surrounding blood vessels. Hemorrhoids can cause warts to build up. Blood clots can cause warts by putting pressure on the walls of the veins. Such hemorrhoids often go away after the baby is born, but sometimes it can go away later. Does not leave

It is more likely in the first pregnancy, when the baby is abnormally healthy, twins are expected to be born, the mother is prone to obesity and she suffers from severe constipation during pregnancy. These people are also at risk of developing hemorrhoids. Remains, which sits in a wet place for a long time, retains moisture for a long time after ejaculation and does not take care of thorough cleaning.

Sometimes hemorrhoids last for years, but no one knows about it.
This usually happens in hemorrhoids. It can only be diagnosed when there is a lot of bleeding and pain. Sometimes a diagnosis of another disease can be made. There are also types of hemorrhoids in which the warts are on the inner and middle surface, they are not visible or felt, so their diagnosis is late.

One of the hallmarks of hemorrhoids is that even after defecation, there is a feeling that the stomach has not yet been cleansed and there is more waste in the intestines. Due to this feeling, the patient needs to go to the toilet again and again. The cause of these warts is that they heal after they go away, for example, constipation goes away, blood pressure in the lower blood vessels decreases, or the foods eaten daily are changed, ie constipation ends. Eat nutritious foods.

Foods that irritate or irritate the intestines should be eaten sparingly, such as meat and eggs, hot spices, beef and buffalo meat, and red peppers. Foods that are slow to digest can cause diarrhea. Are also harmful, so eggplant, lentils, arvi and bakery products should also be avoided.
Arrangements should be made for walking and light exercise if sitting is a sedentary lifestyle.

Digestion should be maintained properly, especially liver function should be correct. If there is a feeling of burning or itching while urinating, if there is any slight tingling in the feces or if you feel any kind of swelling while taking water, immediately. See a doctor, as this can lead to hemorrhoids.
Dietary precautions are very important for patients with hemorrhoids.

Whenever he is free from defecation

Useful in case of cholera

Cucumber juice has a very healing effect in cholera. Adding a glass of cucumber juice to coconut water and drinking it every hour reduces the intensity of thirst in case of cholera. In case of dehydration Cucumber juice maintains the balance of body fluids and salts.
Uric acid balance
Excess uric acid in the body causes other diseases including arthritis and joint pain.

Drinking cucumber juice mixed with carrot, beetroot or celery leaf juice keeps uric acid at a reasonable level. Drinking cucumber juice regularly for a month leads to a significant reduction in uric acid excess.
Weapons against obesity
Most women try their best to lose weight. They try to lose weight by adopting a special diet plan and X-ray size.

Cucumber is a cheap and easily available recipe that can help you lose a lot of weight. Cucumber slices with tomatoes for breakfast and slices of cucumber with tomatoes or radishes and carrots in the afternoon. Chew it and eat it at dinner. In a few weeks you will notice a difference in your own weight.
Natural tonic for the skin
Women have been using cucumber for decades for skin rejuvenation and attractiveness.

Applying cucumber juice on the face and hands brightens the complexion and removes nails from the face. Cucumber carcass is also good for skin and hair.





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