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Loquat is a very juicy, sweet, fragrant and delicious fruit?

Loquat is a very juicy, sweet, fragrant and delicious fruit. Its tree is very tall. Its tree was brought by the British in Pakistan and India. Like locusts, it has its own nutritional and healing properties. This popular summer fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Loquat is a very juicy, sweet, fragrant and delicious fruit
Loquat is a very juicy, sweet, fragrant and delicious fruit

It is somewhat shaped like a pear and has five to twenty bunches of fruit. The loquat is about three centimeters wide and three to five centimeters long. The leaves are long and pointed. There are. Flowers and fruits look happy.

Raw locusts are green, but turn yellow after ripening. They are the size of a small chicken egg.

The raw fruit is sour, but when ripe it tastes sweet. The cut locket is equal to or larger than a chicken egg and has a sweet taste. Four or five seeds come out of it. The seeds are as ink-like as the seeds of Sharifa. Loquat leaves are used in traditional medicine and herbal tea in many countries of the world. Its peel peels off easily.

It is also eaten in fruit salads.


Loquat quenches thirst. It is especially useful in fever. It also removes biliary disorders and biliary fever. It reduces blood pressure. Brings freshness and freshness in the mood. Beneficial in heartburn and inflammation. Strengthens the stomach and corrects the digestive system. In addition, it is also useful in eliminating biliary nausea and vomiting.

Loquat is an appetite-boosting fruit. This delicious fruit is full of fiber. 100 grams of loquat contains only 37 calories, so it is helpful in weight loss. Loquat or its syrup is avoided by drinking it. Vitamin A in Loquat increases visual acuity and is also very beneficial for teeth.

Loquat can also be eaten by diabetics without any fear, because the sweetness found in it is not harmful. If heart patients eat it, their heart gets happiness and peace. Digestive system Loquat is a very useful fruit. Food is digested quickly after eating it. Loquat is no less than a blessing for patients with hemorrhoids. Inhibits the component.

The iron found in it forms red blood cells. In addition, loquat also contains copper, which helps in the production of red blood cells.

The benefits of locust leaves

Loquat leaves can also be used for its benefits. Its leaves are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and minerals. Loquat leaves are especially beneficial in lung diseases.

Its leaves protect against many types of cancer. It also has the ability to strengthen the immune system. It strengthens the pancreas. Reduces skin inflammation and inflammation. In addition, various types of viral infections. Loquat leaves are also useful in curing complex liver diseases. Loquat syrup is also very refreshing and delicious.

It has beneficial effects on health. Drinking Loquat syrup gives joy and strength to the heart and mind. It reduces blood pressure and gets rid of most summer ailments. Sour belching and mouth watering. Prevents

Useful prescription for diabetics

Make herbal tea by boiling 7 loquat leaves in a cup of water.

With this herbal tea, 50 grams of gooseberry kernel powder can be taken in the morning to control diabetes in a few days. For the best effect of this prescription, it is very important to avoid potatoes, rice and sugar.


Raw loquat and some types of it are very sour, which causes sore throat and cough, so people who have a sore throat should avoid it.


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