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Sitting idle all the time is also dangerous to health?

Today science is advancing rapidly in geology, botany, biology, physics, astronomy and medicine. Not far from the speed at which we go to a mechanic to have our car serviced, tuned or aligned, ask a cardiologist in the future to ask Mr. Doctor! Just change the valve of our heart, put another stunt, normalize its speed or please change it and the doctor will change our heart in ten minutes and We returned home happy.

Sitting idle all the time is also dangerous to health.
Sitting idle all the time is also dangerous to health.

It is possible that one day an advertisement will be published in the newspaper that a trusted institution for overhauling of heart, kidney and lungs has been opened to serve the people, you should also visit today.

All these things are possible due to the speed of science. Human knowledge is increasing day and night, but for now we have to live with our own heart.
The heart is the most important organ of the body, because it is the center of the circulatory system, which beats day and night from birth to death and carries blood throughout the body, including the brain.

If for some reason blood supply to any part of the body is not possible then that part can suffer from paralysis, so having a healthy heart is very important for the health of the whole body. All the organs of the body are invaluable. There are donations and we need to protect them. Death is an inescapable fact and no one can escape from it. People who do not take medication on time and who are depressed all the time have an increased risk of heart attack.

Also, getting angry over small things, being irritable and feeling lonely increases the chances of heart disease many times over. Nowadays, a large number of young people seem to be captivated by social media. Excessive use of social media is also causing depression.

Avoid leisure

Sitting idle all the time is also dangerous to health.

Inactive and sluggish people have a 54% increased risk of heart attack compared to active and busy people.

Night’s sleep

According to a study conducted at an American university, getting less than six hours of sleep a night is very harmful for heart health. Eight hours of sleep is essential for an adult.

Quit smoking

Most depressed people start smoking to get some relief, which is completely wrong.

Smoking is extremely harmful not only to the lungs, but also to the heart. Smoking erodes the arteries of the heart and hardens the blood supply.

Laughter is the cure for grief

Laughter is the cure for grief. When we laugh, our body lowers the hormones that cause stress, which in turn reduces physical stress.

In addition, loving family members, caring for each other, having fun with children, learning new languages, gardening or any other good hobby can reduce stress and thus improve heart health. I help. The Almighty says that peace of mind comes from remembering Allah, so if we want physical and mental health, then we should settle our hearts with the remembrance of Allah, God willing, not only us. There will be peace and contentment, but there will also be immediate health.

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