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Guava fruit to be eaten in the form of lick or simple?

Guava fruit can be eaten in the form of chaat or plain, sprinkled with lemon or chaat spices. This fruit gives great taste. It is an important perennial plant growing in warm humid and temperate climates. It was first found in South America. From there it spread around the world. This plant is an important commercial fruit due to its ability to grow in all types of soils and climates.

Guava fruit to be eaten in the form of lick or simple,
Guava fruit to be eaten in the form of lick or simple,

The nutritional value of guava

This fruit is very important in terms of nutrition. It is recognized as the king of vitamin C and its cheapest source. Guava contains 91 mg of vitamin C. Guava also contains high quality pectin.

Guava cultivation

This fruit plant can be grown in all types of soil.

The tree grows from heavy soils to light sandy soils. It thrives well in semi-warm humid climates. Extreme cold is detrimental to young plants, so they can grow from three to four years of age. Plants should be covered to protect them from the cold. Windbreaks also keep the plants warm and help prevent cold winds. Excessive rainfall also damages the fruit’s properties, causing the fruit to begin to explode.

The best time to plant guava is August-September. Plants planted in February-March rot in the heat of June. It is necessary to water as soon as the plant is planted and keeping a distance of 6 meters between each plant is very convenient and necessary. Plants need more water to bear fruit. These plants bear fruit twice a year. Therefore, they need nitrogen fertilizer to maintain their health.

December-January is the best month for manure fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers include both ammonium phosphate and sulphate.

Types of Pakistani Guavas

These varieties are named after the pulp and the specific area where they are born. The popular variety is “white”. Its fruit is round, the skin is clear and the taste is very tasty and sweet.

Guava of ‘Chatidar’ variety has small red marks and its taste is also sweet. ‘Hafsi’ These are round guavas and their pulp is red. It does not have much sweetness. The shape of the fruit is similar to that of a pear. The skin is rough and the pulp is red or white and there is a type of seedless seed.

It is not currently cultivated on a commercial scale. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there are two varieties, khula and sarahi. Guava is fertile twice a year.

Nutrition and benefits of guava

It is a refreshing and invigorating fruit. It is useful for heart, stomach, liver and digestion.

Increases appetite. Keeps brain wet. Its leaves are useful in wounds and wounds. Adding salt to its bud and eating it is beneficial in whooping cough. Guava contains vitamins B, C, calcium, iron, potassium, water and carbohydrates.

Guava products

The fruit is also used in a simple way, such as by licking or sprinkling only ground salt and pepper, and is also used to make jams, jellies, juices, nectarine cans and desserts. Which children and adults alike love to eat


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